Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter!

We hope that everyone had a wonderful Easter! We started off the weekend with an annual flashlight Easter egg hunt in our circle on Friday. The kids are so cute about it. Then Saturday we had a Jenson extended family get together at Lori's, but Savi went with a friend to a Easter train ride. She had an amazing time. We of course we had to roll hard boiled dyed eggs down the hill...a Jenson tradition. There is probably more throwing than rolling that happens, but it is to represent the rock that covered where Jesus laid, and it was rolled away when he was resurrected. I was introduced to this tradition on the same hill 8 years ago. I thought they were crazy, and they still are, but it is a fun tradition.  :-) On Easter Sunday we had 3 of my nieces and nephew with us so the Easter bunny was busy. The kids found their baskets pretty quick and early in the morning. Grandma Jenson gave the kids such cute was the first thing Savi wanted from get basket, and she wore it all day with her beautifully done hair by our neighbor. Jana hid Mike's outside the window so it took lots of hot/cold clues to find it, and then the same with mine as Mike hid it on a shelf like 10 feet up. I thought Jana's was easy being under Sadie's crib but she was the last to find hers.  :-) We had a great day at church and a delicious ham dinner with some of the Jenson clan, and then everyone was there for another Easter egg roll. What a perfect Easter weekend! We are so grateful for the resurrection and the atonement, and to have the gospel in our lives.

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