Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter!

We hope that everyone had a wonderful Easter! We started off the weekend with an annual flashlight Easter egg hunt in our circle on Friday. The kids are so cute about it. Then Saturday we had a Jenson extended family get together at Lori's, but Savi went with a friend to a Easter train ride. She had an amazing time. We of course we had to roll hard boiled dyed eggs down the hill...a Jenson tradition. There is probably more throwing than rolling that happens, but it is to represent the rock that covered where Jesus laid, and it was rolled away when he was resurrected. I was introduced to this tradition on the same hill 8 years ago. I thought they were crazy, and they still are, but it is a fun tradition.  :-) On Easter Sunday we had 3 of my nieces and nephew with us so the Easter bunny was busy. The kids found their baskets pretty quick and early in the morning. Grandma Jenson gave the kids such cute was the first thing Savi wanted from get basket, and she wore it all day with her beautifully done hair by our neighbor. Jana hid Mike's outside the window so it took lots of hot/cold clues to find it, and then the same with mine as Mike hid it on a shelf like 10 feet up. I thought Jana's was easy being under Sadie's crib but she was the last to find hers.  :-) We had a great day at church and a delicious ham dinner with some of the Jenson clan, and then everyone was there for another Easter egg roll. What a perfect Easter weekend! We are so grateful for the resurrection and the atonement, and to have the gospel in our lives.

Friday, April 11, 2014

We made it...and made it back!

(I wanted to post daily, but China restricts websites like blogs and Facebook. So here is my first post finally, but we are just waiting to get on our last plane to salt lake!)
So we made it! It's midnight here now and we're just chilling in Ginger's awesome place planning the week. It was super humid in the airport, and it seemed like we were the only ones there, but when we walked outside it was cool air and there were tons of people waiting for a taxi! We went with this guy that said he could take us right now, but when we got to his "taxi" there was a cop waiting behind his car so he couldn't move. He was in a "black cab" where they don't have a meter. It's hard to enforce but when you get caught it's a huge fine so we left him with the police and went back in line.  :-)

The first thing we did off the airplane was go to the restroom of course, and I was taken back to see the squatters in the airport. I went to the next stall of course, but I had to take a picture. I actually had to wait for a lady to get done even though there were lots of "regular" toilets. It is so fun to be here but we better get some sleep.

You're got to watch where you walk since cars and buses don't stop for you, the air is pretty terrible, and there are tons of people smoking, but it's awesome! I got this fortune cookie during my dinner on the flight and it couldn't be more true! This trip is going to be great on both continents.  :-)

Sunday, March 30, 2014

On our way to China!

Well today is finally here!! It seems like so long ago that we made the plan to come to visit Ginger in Beijing for a week, and then a week in Taiwan to visit Mike's mission areas. We're just waiting in the Seattle airport for our long flight to Beijing! Luckily we got to salt lake in plenty of time because I had to do the dreaded "back room search with the rubber glove"...yeah, not fun, but not as invasive as I thought. Like i didn't have to strip and Mike could come in too so that helped. So a few things to know before you fly again...1) don't wear clothes with"bling", like the back pockets of my jeans made the full body sensor go off, then 2) don't put on lotion before you go because most of them have glycerin which is also used to make bombs...just a few helpful hints.  :-)

Anyway, just yesterday we found out my sister couldn't watch the kids this week and that our flight was changed and we had to be at the airport 6 hours earlier than we were planning, but everything is going great now! Mike's family and my other sister have pulled together to take great care of the kids. Mike gave us all blessings before we left. Carter had a hard time not laughing as Mike tried to gently keep his hands on Sadie's head, but it was so sweet and comforting to receive. We know we are so blessed to be able to do this, and we are excited to visit Mike's mission 10 years since he's been home. His Chinese is still amazing and I am ready to just smile and nod and say "Shishi" (thank you)  :-) I'll try to post when I have wifi, but if not check back in a few weeks for awesome pictures and stories.

Visiting Oregonians

Last Sunday we were lucky enough to have Mark and Jenn's family visit. They were in town because Alyna is going to snow college this fall and they had to pick housing, etc. Mark of course had to work, but it was so fun to see them! They're kids are getting so big! We were even able to have some friends from Nebraska stop by, as well as Cindy and Colin. It was also Jenn's birthday so we just packed lots of catching up in a short amount of time. For once my kids didn't put up a fuss and just played with. The girls actually had fun dressing up Savi and putting makeup on her. Can you tell by their skills that they're all under the age of 10?  ;-) We wish Oregon was right next to Utah so we could see them more!

Family pictures

We have a great home teacher, and he is starting to take professional photos. He offered to take some for us before our trip to Asia, and he did an amazing job! Especially because it was windy and the kids were seriously crazy or fussy. These are just a "few" of our favorites, but I wanted to get them posted before we left. Contact Sean via email if you need some great outdoor family photos!

Adding to the family...of "toys" that is

About a month ago we added to our family, with a new 4-wheeler! We've had a "toy" fund for awhile and it was in the 5 year plan, but Mike's dad did lots of research and found a great deal on a 2014, so we just got it at the beginning of our plan. ;) It's actually a lot more fun than I thought because it's so easy to drive, even for me, and it feels pretty safe. Terry got his first, and they actually took it and the snowmobile all the way to the cabin! 
After we got ours, we took it out to this place off Baccus highway and had a blast! The kids love it, especially Sadie. She gets all excited and tries to move her body and yours towards it anytime she sees it. She starts whining when someone else gets on it without her. It's so adorable! 
Here is the first dirt. :) Totally worth it.

We took both out for Cheri's birthday at 5 mile pass and she and Ange loved them! They were driving them all around and having a blast. The kids did a ride or two, but they actually just loved playing them in the dirt. It was a perfect day! I think it was a great investment and we're excited to be able to enjoy them.